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Big Sky DreamSleeper(TM) UltraLight inflatable pillow


One of the Most Comfortable UltraLight Weight Inflatable Pillows made

With a weight of less than 2oz (52g) and a small packed size a couple of Big Sky's DreamSleeper™ UltraLight inflatable pillows can fit in the palm of your hand, Big Sky's DreamSleeper™ pillow can be taken anywhere.

Pillow is ergonomically designed to cradle a person's head for a good night's sleep.

Big Sky uses high grade Thermo PolyUrethane (TPU) for this product that has a higher strength to weight ratio than PVC that some cheap pillows are made out of.

Since Big Sky's DreamSleeper™ pillow is made with TPU it can be used in the winter, unlike cheaper pillows made with PVC that will crack when it gets too cold.

TPU goes though a natural aging process, initially transparent, then translucent, and eventually opaque.

TPU is also more environmental friendly than PVC.

Size: The un-inflated dimensions are 50cm (20in) x 30cm (12in)
The pillow inflates up to about 10cm (4in) thick

Includes: ultra light weight stuff sack

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- "Improved version" weight: 46.9g +/- 2SD 1.7g (1.6oz)

Note: "Improved version" is the same great design as the "Original version",
but it is made with lighter weight, more durable, anti-bacterial materials.




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